Tuba Sahinova - The mix of Adriana Lima & Irina Shayk

Meeting the upcoming 2022 Miss Universe contestant Tuba Sahinova on the french mediterranean coast Monaco known for its luxurious casinos, marinas and the prestigious Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix. 

Do you here this comparison to Adriana & Irina frequently? Who is your personal idol?

"(she laughs) Yes, indeed. Both of them are super beautiful, although of course that honors me, I prefer to be a unique piece of myself. I always prefer the self to maximize one's being in a unique way. To perfect one's self - to form ideals with one's values. So I'm not keen on one idol after. But if the question were to be asked which celebrity I think is one of the most similar? Audrey Hepburn were my answer. Her elegant style, her feminine charm, her childlike smile and the hand for charities.

What are you doing in Monaco and are there any

recommendations you could share with the readers here?

- "I love France. The beautiful coast of the Cote D'Azur and the beautiful hills are always worth a visit. The Museum Oceanique is an incredible museum, definitely worth it. The restaurant Le Grill in the Hotel de Paris has a very nice view. On the terrace you can enjoy the delicious food with a breathtaking atmosphere - very romantic. Another romantic restaurant is an absolute insider tip of mine in Ezè, The Restaurant Mas Provencal. As soon as you enter the restaurant, you feel as if you have stepped into wonderland, flowers are hanging everywhere and

rustic furniture gives the restaurant its unique flair. While eating, they are entertained by musicians and a warm atmosphere surrounds them in the fairy tale. For the perfect breakfast I recommend the Hotel Hermitage, under the dome you can enjoy a quiet breakfast with a view in the elegant Hotel Hermitage, colorful juices and mueslies packed in portions give you an energetic start to the day. The Ferme des peupliers yaourt from Narmandie is a delicacy".

(c) 2022 ELITEMAG.ONE / Model:Sladana Milojev /Fotograph: Yannis Psyllas

I believe much more that you came here to shop. Which shops can you specifically recommend to our readers here?

- "Actually, I don't go shopping all the time. That would bore me. Of course I enjoy shopping, but spending the holidays shopping would not fulfill me
On vacation, I prefer to visit the sights, museums, theater performances and restaurants worth visiting. 

With great food, a beautiful atmosphere and an elegant flair. Shopping comes after all those things. In Monaco i can recommend the shops for the luxury brand Cartier. They have nice waiting chairs outside where you can enjoy a short break Second, i can recommend the store Dolce and Gabbana. It's very big and very diverse".

When is the Miss Universe pageant and how do you prepare for it?

"Since I generally eat healthy, I have not necessarily made a change in diet. But 2 weeks before the election I will start with liquid food and do without one or the other desert"

Sladana Milojev - NEW ISSUE 08-22

Some impressions of the photo shoot of model Sladana Milojev in a dress by Alter Ego Mykonos.

Star photographer Yannis Psyllas captured the magical moments on Mykonos.

Loredana Salanta - NEW ISSUE 07/2-22

Some impressions of the photo shoot of Miss Romania for Miss World, Loredana Salanta by photographer Tutu Ionatan in Bucharest.


(c) 2022 ELITEMAG.ONE / Güney Durmus / Rüdiger Guhl

On March 24, 2022, we launched an official call via Instagram, looking for a cover model for the June 2022 issue. The application was uncomplicated, everyone could register under the post and take part. After the deadline, the winner was officially announced. The winner not only appeared on the cover of ELITEMAG.ONE, but also received a professional makeover, styling and photo shoot from stylist and photographer Rüdiger GUHL for this purpose. After a successful day in the ChangeForAMoment studio, the recordings were finished. Here is the cover with the winner Usi Jenderko. Congratulations.

(c) 2022 ELITEMAG.ONE / Model:Usi Jenderko /Fotograph: Rüdiger Guhl
(c) 2022 ELITEMAG.ONE / Model:Usi Jenderko /Fotograph: Rüdiger Guhl
(c) 2022 ELITEMAG.ONE / Model:Usi Jenderko /Fotograph: Rüdiger Guhl

Usi Jenderko

(c) 2022 ELITEMAG.ONE / Model:Usi Jenderko /Fotograph: Rüdiger Guhl
(c) 2022 ELITEMAG.ONE / Model:Usi Jenderko /Fotograph: Rüdiger Guhl






THE MGO - Miss / Misses / Mister Germany 2021
October 2, 2021 - ( Carea Castle Hotel Domäne Walberberg-Bornheim Germany)


Leveling up Art with Abdellah Korari

Certain concepts maintain no matter what the political/ societal/ global climate is. One of these certain concepts is art. Art has had the ability to flourish through the centuries, always a beacon of creativity to be seen no matter the circumstance. We sat with Abdellah Korari, the Managing Director of Cobra Art Gallery in Düsseldorf, to discuss art and the passion he brings to the table. 

(c) 2021 ELITEMAG.ONE / Courtsy Abdellah Korari

1. Art is subjective and generally influenced by an individuals experiences and upbringing. Where do you feel your passion comes from?

My passion to art came from my childhood. I use to grow up in a house, where we had many art pieces and as a child I was always intrigued by the art and it fascinated me how the artists express their feelings towards their art.

2. We see art pieces go for millions of Euros and to the untrained eye they might not look like much. How long did it take you to hone your craft? Who were some of your mentors?

From growing up with art, I did ask myself why do some art pieces get sold for millions of Euros and this question led me to research deeper into art. It didn’t take me long to understand the worthiness of art pieces as I was always very interested in art, I read a lot about it, I questioned experienced people such as artists, and later on when I had my working experience as an interior designer it helped me a lot to realise what makes each art piece unique and special.

3. We are living in some interesting times,with unrest and sometime lack of cultural understanding. What is your background? Do you feel it has helped or hurt your career as a curator?

As a result from my childhood, I travelled across the world to many different countries and my knowledge to different cultures increased, leading me to have a bigger picture about the world. And this has helped me a lot in my career and to my understanding of different parts of the world.

4. Adding to that,do you feel art is blind to religion and race?
I do think that art is blind to religion and race. Art has no boundaries and it is equally made for each human being. It doesn’t have a specific target, it is made for everyone, no matter what religion or race they are.

5. Who are some of your favourite contemporary artists? Is there any one artist that you can say is on top of the game right now?
As a matter of fact, I do not have a favourite artist. I think that every single artist has their own unique way of portraying their art and this makes each and one of them special. I do think that there are some artists that are building themselves towards one of the top artists right now, like our artists James Chiew, Markus Klinko, and Axel Crieger. They are always focussed to create a new idea.

6. Düsseldorf is an incredible refined city. Do you feel the success you have achieved there is easily replicated? What makes Düsseldorf so unique?
Düsseldorf is one of the most famous and popular cities in the world. It also attracts a lot of people that have a passion for art, due to the many galleries existing in the city of Düsseldorf. Personally, I feel that our concept of art can not be copied because we have created this gallery and concept with a lot of passion, love and knowledge.

7. One of my favourite pieces currently is the Ferrari Turtle. What is the background on that piece? Is it a favorite?

The Ferrari Turtle is an object from a Dutch artist called Van Appel. He fused a Ferrari and a turtle into one in order to create a contrast between slow and fast. It is a favorite among many clients due to it being a new collection that many customers love to see.

8. As of right now, what are some of the most sought after pieces in your collection? Are there any special exclusives coming up?
Masterpieces with liquid glass and special photography from top artists currently tend to be the most wanted by customers. Considering that we are doing very well, we regularly receive exclusive paintings
9. How has the global pandemic affected you and your gallery?
Of course I cannot deny that we also suffered from this terrible pandemic but our positive attitude has helped us enormously to survive the consequences of this worldwide pandemic

10. What are your final thoughts about art and it’s effect on the world today and tomorrow?
Art has always had a massage whether it was in the past, today, or in the future. The message that art gives people is love, joy, unity, and peace no matter what situation we find ourselves in


The man behind the Beauty – Dr. Mehmet Atila M.D.

When it comes to important questions about beauty and cosmetic surgery, the internationally renowned specialist and President of the German-Turkish Plastic Surgery Association Dr. Mehmet Atila M.D. from Düsseldorf consulted. A few years ago we reported on CBS8 and NBC, among others, about his tireless humanitarian work in Ghana and have followed him on his way through the media to this day. We met Dr. Mehmet Atila M.D. in his new premises in Düsseldorf, where he answered our questions. Thank you in advance for taking the time:


Being a doctor is a dream of many people, and yet very few people are able to accomplish it. Was being a doctor an ultimate goal for you? What lead you to plastic surgery?

“From a very young age and even before starting my medical career, I was fascinated by the surgical field. Being able to intervene, modify and heal not only with medications but with my own hands, was the reason I studied medicine with the clear idea of being a surgeon in the future. I began my medical degree specializing in cardiac surgeon. During my assignment abroad in South Africa, I came into contact with plastic and aesthetic surgery and I quickly
realized that this subject is more of my passion. Plastic surgery differs from other surgical disciplines. While in other surgical disciplines surgery is carried out according to standard, in plastic surgery every case requires an individual solution. Artistic skills are also important, so I think plastic surgery has met my expectations from the vantage point of my personality.

For someone so successful in a very concentrated field you are still incredible young. Have you found that to be an obstacle or a blessing in your career? Are patients generally more welcoming to see a youthful face?

“Age is not decisive, but the doctor’s experience. In more than 15 years, I have gained a lot of experience in my career. Nevertheless, many patients prefer to see a younger doctor because energy and technology associated with youth. We use the latest techniques and methods and are up to date with the latest medical devices. But I think, good listening, communication, and interpersonal skills are the key to a successful doctor-patient relationship at any age.”

You have a massive following on social media and are also very active. How has the digital world helped your practice? Was it an easy transition to get into?

“The transition wasn’t difficult because aesthetic surgery benefits from its pictoriality like no other medical discipline and social media offers the possibility of sharing interesting content in the form of images, video clips or graphics and thus making it accessible to a large audience. That’s why I use social media to enlighten. I show surgical interventions up close, but I also inform about results that have gone wrong and need to be corrected. It is important that patients are bounded by their limits. What is possible with plastic and aesthetic surgery and what is not and how important it is to choose the right surgeon.”

Do you feel having a public face is important for your career? Many doctors are now embracing an open image, while others are as famous as more stars. What is your opinion?

“The most important thing when selling services and products is to create trust. Patients only choose a specialist for the desired treatment if they have gained confidence in his or her abilities. This can only be achieved through communication and social media channels are the ideal platform for this. For me it is important to put our techniques, methods and work in the foreground and to enlighten on social media channels or in TV appearances. Even if I deliberately do not put myself in the foreground, a certain awareness comes automatically. Nevertheless, I feel it is important to be approachable as a doctor in order to promote the confidence of my patients, which is why I also give insights from my private life.”

What has changed in your life as you have become more famous? Can you still eat at your favorite restaurants? Has it brought better clients?

“The representation and notoriety have advantages and disadvantages. One advantage: attention from patients worldwide – which has brought prominent clients from all over the world and has further promoted the awareness of my brand and the clinic. The disadvantage is that you can’t do and leave everything unfree. You have a certain responsibility, especially for the young people to whom you serve as a role model. That’s why, of course, you have to pay close attention to how you behave in your private life. This restricts something, especially the family, who want to be protected from the public. Otherwise, I have no problems not being approached in the restaurant, as this has always been only a positive encounter. I am even happy that patients come to me and praise me for my work accordingly.

What innovations that are out now that would have made your first few years of your career easier? Has much changed in the field since you joined it?

"Yes, technical development has made progress and that has taken plastic surgery to a new level. The INN in Medical INN Clinic stands for innovation. We always try to offer the best and latest medical technology and equipment on the market, which has made the procedures less invasive and much gentler. The results are much better too. For example, implants have developed in breast surgery. They have become more natural and safer. The techniques of the operations have changed. These have become gentler, less anemic and less painful for the patient in the area of liposuction. While the skin was not considered in the past, we now have devices such as laser technology or Renuvion J-Plasma that we can use to tighten the skin even during liposuction and thus achieve even better results and perform body contouring. This leads to a smoother, tighter look after surgery compared to the loose skin that can be left behind after a typical liposuction. New trends like the Brazilian butt lift have emerged, and the methods of facial injections and facial surgery have become much more natural and gentle. The products have also evolved".

How has the coronavirus affected your practice? Were there new precautions and methods since?

"The current corona pandemic affects us too, but not as much as our colleagues in the USA. We were able to continue our operations. Due to the lockdown, we have even seen a higher flow of patients for operations. Because many patients wanted to use the time off from work to fulfill their wish for a change in their body. Of course, we have raised all precautionary measures to the highest standard and only operate on completely healthy patients with a negative corona test."

Where do you see your practice in 5 years?

"We want to be more active abroad and continue to address patients from all over the world and expand our know-how and reach. Europe generally is far more advanced than the United States when it comes to medical advancements, is this true even more now? It is difficult to assess the medical advances in both countries. In the field of medical technology, some European companies are world market leaders. But much of the impetus for innovation comes from the USA. We learn and adopt many innovations from each other, such as the J-Plasma from the USA, and that’s why the market for plastic surgery has seen a significant rise over the years.

What advice would you give a 19-year-old Mehmet?

“I would say: never stop growing in your field, keep educating yourself to stay up to date and surround yourself with respected colleagues in the workplace. But I also would like to do everything as before – to continue the path of studying medicine as a plastic surgeon, as well as continuing the humanitarian missions in Africa. Maybe I would recommend putting more focus on humanitarian work and less on being a celebrity doc. I would say, you can and should operate on celebrities, but you shouldn’t strive to have celebrity doc status. Every patient receives the same treatment, whether celebrity or not! That would be my advice.”

(c) 2021 ELITEMAG.ONE / Marble Nyathi / Güney Durmus

Marble Nyathi Named The Most Beautiful Model in Düsseldorf 2021.

For the initiator and international promoter Güney Durmus when choosing the most beautiful model in 2021 from Düsseldorf, the result of the count at the end of March was not entirely surprising.  The native model from Zimbabwe received the most votes and is currently the most beautiful model in 2021 from Düsseldorf. Marble, who lives in the state capital, won the Europe Best Top Model award in 2019 and has been working with well-known artists, designers and stylists ever since...



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