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DJ Superjam, producer from Germany, who led WEA/FOUR Music recording artists Prophets of Rage in the 90's and worked with several Hip Hop Büro Berlin artists for the then label Def Jam Germany in the 2000s. Now in 2021, he releases a new album with Republic of Georgian rapper, Pash Lyfe and the multi talented American male vocalist Chivas Kimber to bring you Game Time! This 14 song Hip Hop Hop / RnB album is as versatile as the countries where these artists originate from. From the energetic club banger Game Time, the grimy relationship track Lackin Love and coming up track Bad Bad, smooth tracks like Something Real,  the street sounds of Facts and even the anthem with a reggaeton style titled Georgia, there is something for everyone in this collaborative effort that was created simultaneously in three countries. Pash Lyfe, also known as Young Mic for when he raps in his native language, is a well known rapper from the Eastern European country Georgia. As an MC in his hometown, he's done it all from participating in local rap battles, countless releases on youtube including  a scandalous music video that got some trouble with the police, which added to his fame. This time he teams up with talented U.S. artists DJ Superjam and Chivas Kimber. A project that was going to be a tribute song to both Georgias, the state and the country, turned into a 14 track Rap/R&B album. Chivas Kimber was born and bred among musicians at an early age and knew music was what his passion would be. Due to his many influences, this Alabama native has many music styles in his repertoire. From his smooth singing style to powerful lyrical rap verses, this versatile artist brings it all to this Album. 

Official Release date for Game Time is August 28th 2021 on all streaming platforms.


By winning the European Ralph Lauren song contest in 2020 in The Netherlands and being presented to a manager that is also the grounder of Phat Butt music and the co-owner of StreetKrush, she signed a recording & publishing agreement with the label. One week later she was meeting JSnake in the Snakebeatz studio’s in Germany where she recorded her very first single ever, titled “NO TIME” During the production JSnake suggested a Feature of two guys from Chili who were at that time also recording at Snakebeatz studio’s. The great Ener-Gizer of Aire Urbano helped this track to go through the roof, Studio topliner Ray Bryan helped to change the Hook by putting more NRG to it. And so a new dance slammin’ record is born.................”NO TIME”. Danisha is a born Venezuelan singer that characterize a full spectrum of various music directions and flows. R&B, Reggaeton, Hip Hop, slow Jams, Balads, Afrobeatz, House and even Discofunk are some of her style she’ll represent on her forthcomming album “SABORES”.

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CINDO69 "Traphouse" ***NEW HipHop/Rap Release

The young artist CINDO69 has obviously created the best conditions for the success of his new song "Traphouse". An established producer team, a strong label and internationally acclaimed promoters and members of the Grammy Recording Academy® are behind the rap artist Mete-Can YILDIZ, who will start on July 23, 2021 with his "Traphouse" number. Freely under the motto “Tell me what you dream of?”, The song is about a spot of a gathering of young people with visions and the only desire for social recognition through only material values. The title describes the thoughts of many young people who are conveyed wrong values in society and in the media.

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Kev Gray and The Gravy Train "Time To Live Again"

Kev Gray and The Gravy Train are an award-winning, multi-genre band based out of England, America and Japan – depending on the weather. Based around the lyrical songwriting of lead singer, Kev Gray, their music is a melting pot of lush melodies from acoustic lounge, folk gospel, bossa, funk, original blues and blue-eyed jazz. A fusion of traditional genres, resulting in an antidote to modern conformity. Soulful vocal textures add a nice polish to contemporary lyrical content that mirror everyday themes – cold feet at the altar, the rat race, having children, escaping responsibility, swingers parties, the inability to grow up. The band’s mission is unashamedly that of bringing music back to the listener. During the Covid lockdown, Kev embraced the opportunity to reinvent himself as a recording artist and is finalizing a new lockdown-inspired album – Time To Live Again – using fellow musicians from over 30 countries recorded and arranged online by Thomas Hilse. Singles will build up to the album release during 2021. The new album will show an artist with the rare ability to transcend difficult conditions and creating truly moving music perfectly suited to the chaotic yet incredible times we are living in.

1. Can you please tell our readers your real name as well as your stage name?
Our stage name is Kev Gray and The Gravy Train, so my real name is not Gravy Train. It is Kevin Alfred Gray. I was named after the Irish Saint Kevin (Caoimhín) who my dear mother prayed to during the Caesarian section. I was 3 pounds heavy, 6 weeks early, and stuck in a box for a month - and have been escaping its return ever since.

2. Where are you from and where are you based?
I am a Geordie. From Newcastle, England, but I live in Japan 6 months of the year and England and the US the rest of the time, touring and promoting my songs. Took me a while to set up but finally got the balance I need. Stuck in Japan due to Covid, this winter I was playing gigs in the Winter Olympic resort of Hakuba, for the season - snowboarding the hangovers away. Over half the hotel got Covid and I was quarantined, so we built an igloo on the hotel roof and live-streamed a gig from inside. The Music Igloo & Bar cheered people up all over the world at that dark time, so planning a giant one next time. Without knowledge or training, they are actually really hard to construct, and need lots of constant love and attention, just like everyone else.

3. At what age did you start making music?

I got into it late, not until my 30s - the last cherry blossom. I wrote a few songs for wedding presents as I was skint. People liked them and I was encouraged to take it more seriously. Starting playing gigs, despite being really shy at first, but got sponsorship after a producer saw me playing in a total dive. I had to give up my journo career, which, looking back was a good thing as it was as garbage as I was. So it’s all been worth it. If you keep going along your chosen path, you will get where you wanna go. And even if your Shangri-La is not what you imagined, it’s as much about the journey than the destination. A meme we have seen a million times, but it’s true if you really live that road.

4. What genre would you consider yourself?
This is a toughie. We are a multi-genre band, which is both a blessing and a curse. The general theme of the music is to write about modern stories in classic vintage genres from funk, jazz, blues, gospel to bossa-nova and pop. Most songs are based on people I meet and stories I hear or experience. Humans are amazing - an endless source of inspiration, amazement, and utter despair.
I also started doing Deep House with a Russian DJ in Thailand last year, too. He just sends the track and I bang out the melody and lyrics. I think anyone can crossover if they get the chance. It is all a total love of music.

5. If you were given a chance, which Artist would you love to perform with?
Dead - Hank Williams - I could have learned a lot drinking and singing with him. A lyrical genius and extremely funny.
Alive - Paul McCartney. The more I know about him, the more I see what a creative genius he was. Apart from all the classic tunes, he was an incredible singer of both power and delicate beauty. He wrote masterful story-telling lyrics like Eleanor Rigby; plays every instrument on his albums; wrote a guitar classic in Blackbird. Invented MTV Unplugged back in 1969 with Let It Be album, and wrote a Symphony with no training. A total natural talent and a fountain of music. And he is still playing 3 hour gigs at 77. So yeah I would like to hang out with a 77 year old Scouser - when you still got it, you still got it. What a champ.

6. Tell us about your latest track or Video (what is it all about)–Please explain the concept or message.
It was just released and it’s called “Time to Live Again”, hitting hopefully the right sweet spot in the summer once the vaccinations have rescued the art of live-playing musicians. The song was written on a beach in Thailand during lockdown, a post-pandemic feel good anthem to get people living and loving again.

It features a global team of top notch musicians, recorded, mixed and mastered online during the COVID pandemic in America, Brazil, UK, Thailand, Italy, and Germany. We are especially very proud that the song features Grammy Winner John “JR“ Robinson, an American drummer and session musician who has been called "one of the most recorded drummers in history". He is especially known for his work with producer Quincy Jones, including Michael Jackson's multi-platinum Off the Wall album and the charity single "We Are the World". John has played drums with more than 50 Grammy winners, including Lionel Richie, Lady Gaga, Daft Punk, Madonna. On the bass, he is supported by the German funk bass guru Oliver “JABBA“ Frerichmann. A groovy dream team.

We decided to release the song on July 14, the day the Frenchies liberated us from our chains, and blessed us with a new era. Hopefully post-lockdown will be as auspicious. Or as the poet and mad genius, William Blake, would say it: Bliss Was It in That Dawn to Be Alive. In a world of separation hopefully behind us, our message is MUSIC UNITES US. Music really is the ANTIDOTE - IT’S TIME TO LIVE AGAIN.

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After her international US Top20 hit “Mi Fuego” and the German song “Loyalität” with rapper Alpa Gun, the third release of the native Latina Paola Andrea will appear on Mina Music Production on July 2nd, 2021. Rhythmic Latin beats musically underline the story of a spirited and toxic love affair marked by fear, longing and an emotional rollercoaster ride. The bilingual Pop / Latin number will be available on all digital platforms at the beginning of July 2021


The British Phonographic Industry (BPI) invited to the music industry's annual award ceremony, the BRIT AWARDS 2021, on May 11, 2021. The event was moderated for the fourth time in a row by Jack White, the award ceremony was streamed live on television and on YouTube. The British-Kosovar artist Dua Lipa received most of the awards, with performances by Coldplay, Dua Lipa, Olivia Rodrigo, The Weeknd, Elton John, Pink and Rag'n'Bone Man, among others. Here are the winners:


Harry Styles "Watermelon Sugar"


Dua Lipa "Future Nostalgia"




Dua Lipa


The Weeknd


Billie Eilish


Arlo Parks


Little Mix






Taylor Swift


The Academy's selection process was recently criticized after R&B star The Weeknd missed out on the Grammy nominations despite a commercially successful 2020. After the nominations were announced last November, the Canadian artist accused the Grammys on Twitter of remaining "corrupt": "You owe me, my fans and the industry transparency," he said...

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With “Unbreakable” JSnake continues to grow, it’s a collab with Ray Bryan. The song is a positive message about how you struggle with the challenges of life, but overcome it together. What makes the track special is the contrast between the deep emotional melody of the guitar & strings combined with the powerful, knocking 80’s often heard in UK drill that marinates so well with the story telling and deep message from JSnake and Ray Bryan. You feel the chemistry in the room when this track was created. Both artists speaking their truth, recalling events in their lives that touched them.


Asking the man behind the music...Stefan Schnabel from Germany.

Stefan is a young, very talented and successful electronic Music, suspense, gameshow, heartbeat and pop, underscore- Composer, who writes music for several publishers, both in Germany and the USA. He had already countless TV-Plays in USA, Germany and some other countries all over the world. Many media people know his style to appreciate! He composes not only music for TV but also for advertising and many other needs in the media sector.

His music is played in shows like: „Keeping up with the Kardashians“, „Bad Girls Club“, „Total Divas“, „E! News“, „NBC Today“, „Big Brother“, „Hair goddess“ and much more others, worldwide!


Less headroom basically, there should be enough room and air left from the level for each instrument or recording. If you pay attention from the beginning, you will see a decent result at the end. If you do not, it will not matter how overdriven, and thus "scratchy and unsightly" overall sound.

Tip: Using a limiter -12db per track and inputs are not too hot from the input when recording drive / adjust.


Overdriving the recording of vocals and instruments, a very common mistake: "Instruments and vocals" are already picked up from the source at the microphone or input too loud! This gives you no chance, even with enough headroom in the DAW, to record that signal in a good quality.

Tip: Always adjust the signals so that they still have some db up to the 0 db limit air. Make louder always later!


No panorama. Of course we all love a "big sound"! However, one should not confuse it with: "simply more and more on top of each other brings more. Completely wrong! Of course you can use some instruments and depending on the kind of music there are also some hundreds of tracks in a project. Nevertheless, it is important to note that you do not put everything in the middle. Thus distribute instruments in "space". For this we have 2 boxes, Reverb, Delay and also, for example. EQ and as a principle: left and right.

Tip: Imagine a band on a stage. What are the members of this band? Just as the individual members are, one should basically proceed with the distribution with right and left on the boxes. Exactly with rooms, who is further up and who is further behind? Drum kit for example: Kick in the middle, snare a bit further to the right, hihat still to the right, Ride on the far left. Pelvis right and left etc.


Less is more! Too much in one place! Often less is more in the end! The more instruments or sounds there are, the harder it gets to get a clean sound. So try again and again how it sounds when one or the other instrument switches to "mute". Maybe it's often just much nicer sound. Here you should also pay attention to the structure of a song. Increases and e.g. volumes. Just by dynamics, a simple song can sound very noble and high quality.


No breaks and less time. A very common mistake is often that artists just take bands for new songs too little time. Quickly composed a song here 1-2 lines written and finished the new song. Of course, this can work too. However, experience shows that a good song is just like good wine takes its time. The world was not created in one day.

Tip: Just switch off after a songwriting and production day. Load another song and continue working on it. Listen to other tunes for comparison and if it lasts longer do not despair. In case of problems ask other musicians and producers, composers, or read books how to do it!

And finally: Learning by doing! Just make it easy! Who does not try, does not win!